2505 (versuch einer summary nach der PEST-methode)


I don’ t consider myself any kind of political interested, but if, I would be a mixture between anarchist and commie. this planet is lost.


perhaps moved 10000 this year.


for nearly six years I live in this mud hut. staff drinks lotsa coffee. dozens of docs have given their opinion. perhaps body is a trashbag, but I know my name and can count to three. I am in rage. not only, but beside other reasons because of vachss. I will leave here the first chance I get.


so, some details. 3 machines. two debian 8.x and a windows 7 test-client. shell-fan. gedit. business site, private blog and fuckin’ facebook. not really productive. I have learned on an apple II. back in those days I used to hack machine code from computer magazines into the miele-clone. and done some assembler, basic and pascal. it was not trivial to implement the simple apple basic GET command into a modern java program. that reads a single keystroke without enter. I don’ t know much of anything *really* well but a bit of everything. some hardware. jumper, ethernet adapter. sql, php, java, a bit of optimizing for the mighty google and I like to use simple text editors. perhaps TYPO3 is on the agenda next year for a living. you press a button and get an answer. the machine doesn’ t lie. as you can read at this wordpress hosted site, I do experiments and exercises. and learn.


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