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jesus and nude

jesus and nude

Tuesday and wednesday I will work with addiction people. Thursday and friday we will have BBQ. To whom it may concern: this can be considered private, but does not *have* to necessarily. Once in the psycho-scene, very little remains private. Years and years of sparetime have passed away now 3 years ago. Altruistic instead of egocentric I should try to be even more helpful and do some sports. This could be healthy. But some beer is a *must*, because this life is so great.

To have an internet presence is a privilege. We have refugees 200 meters up the street and they need help. The more you give, the more you get. It may seem a bit confused, but my past drives me on and on, perhaps just bad conscience, but perhaps a call from our living Lord. A little peace for the beginning would help. BDSM is not illegal. I will try to protect every individual in need, minor or not. Mind is a new quality. My database abilities may not suffice for job, but the 5%-possibility case there are a hundred days of try-and-error there’ s a little chance.

Now some songtext-wisdom (imagine a deep, low voice) : if learning is living, then the truth is only a state of mind. I have tons of this stuff, but john 3:16 is a better ground to build your house on. They will laugh and spit on you, you better think twice, before you pray. So where’ s the sense in this blogpost apart from diary ? Any questions ? The case we meet, I will have a light for you. Dualistic as I am I permanently walk into danger, but that’ s life. Let me close this text, that will be multiplied at several social sites with some hope (dying or rising) :

stay true.
make a difference.

signed as ashtray-ewing


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