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leaving trains - sleeping underwater survivor

scheibe of today

Falling James was a good god, at least according to the celibate rifles on ‘yizgarnoff’. 3 leaving trains albums come to my mind: ‘Fuck’, ‘Well down blue highway’ and ‘Sleeping underwater survivors’. and one certain song can be considered as the song of today, even if this is one-track-minded: ‘Suicide Blues’. well, see: my mind’ s equipped with filters, but they don’ t seem to work within.

I did not succeed in finding the lyrics. ‘something only I can do’.
werde mich bald auf die Suche nach dem rosa Tortenkarton machen, und den Keller kucke ich mir auch noch mal an. shit happens. soon more.
Bernie came home, having taken the bus. The scientist brew a strong coffee and they both played some backgammon. I killed a wasp. no violence in sight, everything peaceful. just a single thought lead to the next sentence (stolen): und die wunderliche Welt dreht sich weiter. Quote finish. Bottom line : I was down in the zero and found my way back. Coke. Food. Death. Madness. Music. Animals. The Machine. Love. Son. Daughter. Nonsense. Money. Random. as you see: I am sprunghaft and ideenflüchtig, may be ‘o’ and a drinker, but not an idiot. drop by drop the water poured down in my brain. left vice versa right. 46. just letters, one by one and in an meaningful order.


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