hope43_[PEST] (pre-Vargas Blues Band)


politicians say they care, but we all know they’ re lying.
left wing anarchist as I am I am waiting for capitalism to collapse. plans for the period after the next crash lay in the drawer. we need some hope over here. don’ t get me wrong, I don’ t have answers and I don’ t have a dresscode. they’ re building jails in the promised land. europe seems to build borderlines. I’ ll raise my hand against no man.


private: 900 volume monthly. sum/diff +/- 0
business: 160 volume in 2014. red ciphers


cigarettes. hard appointments 1/week. psychosocial support 4 hours/week distributed on shopping, meals and some talk. bus to work. ex-in-apprenticeship planned. few contacts apart from work. small family of choice.


3 debian machines. 6000-DSL. 2 cellphones. everything legal. unnumbered sites billowing in the net. emailcheck at work possible. red-district-area sites consuming, but strictly legal. flooding the fuckin’ social media. job control program(php) in use. car pool administration program(php) password secured online, but not in use. some java coding, e.g. user management db. experiments and excercises at this blog. most stuff public. textbased communication preferred. and yes, I *love* the shell. I’ ll include hello_world in java:
class hello_world { //name(must be filename)
public static void main (String[] args){ //main-method
System.out.print(“hello world!”); //no newline here
System.out.println(); //newline


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