you gotta hang on the trip you’ re on

Feel free. Freedom is a gift. But it’ s always linked to responsibility. You eat meat, you are responsible for killing animals. Seems ridiculous, sounds esoteric, you watch porno, you are responsible for slavery. The places I go, google doesn’ t help. The streets you have to survive are a hard road layed out. Bus, supermarket and the fuckin’ internet seem to be public area. So, let’ s roll a pair of dice, what if you can’ t stand your boss anymore ? Will you take the responsibility for canceling the job and living on welfare ? Even further, what if there is no such thing as welfare ? If it’ s a question of life or death, yeah, every day ? Don’ t get me wrong, I just ask questions… What if your neighbour is a wife beater ? What if the boy next door lives in pain ? What if ticking timebombs everywhere ? The pack always comes back. Hard on soft, soft on hard. Will you elect the rotten tomatoe for president ? Who’ s gonna whip you when I’ m gone ? How much war do we need ? Lack of respect, everywhere… weed isn’ t a drug ? Mass destruction, hate, fear and loneliness. The people begin to laugh you start a sentence with the letter ‘j’. I’ m on humanity and empathy. Yo, man, the self fulfilling prophecy was broke down. You got freedom of speech and free will at your site, at least if you can read and understand this. A question of time ? A question of courage ? A question of liberty ? A question of politics ? I did not read ‘Oliver Twist’ and I did not watch ‘Forrest Gump’. But I got eyes. Eyes to see the whole misery. World of trouble. So where to get the hope ? Universal access to knowledge. Instincts and adrenaline. Day to day. Friends. Music. Love. Behaviour. Start a band, write. The river flows. So do I. Laugh. Strength, hope, happiness. Every day could be the last. Feel free.


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