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February is heating up at PROTECT! Here are the latest updates:

*H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps*

We are preparing for our third class of the HERO Corps, and the program is exploding. We received over 90 applications for the upcoming class of 24.

“At left: Former Green Beret and HERO Corps intern, Mike Theberge. “Once they mentioned helping kids who were being sexually exploited, I jumped on it,” says Theberge about the HERO Corps. Federal agent Kyle Burns adds, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get an elite warrior.””

Our next HERO training will be held at the Washington, DC offices of the *Wounded Warrior Project*. We’re proud to have WWP as an underwriter and a partner.

Read Mike’s story here [ ].

*Fighting for Child Rescue Funding*

“Left to Right: Alicia Kozakiewicz speaks on what the legislation means to children; PROTECT’s Paul Jagosh; Lead sponsor Rep. Paul Boyer; Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.”

PROTECT held a press conference Tuesday with *Arizona* Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Rep. Paul Boyer and other state officials to support Alicia’s Law, which will dramatically increase the number of law enforcement officers combatting child sexual exploitation in the state. It’s a great example of how your support for PROTECT can directly result in rescue, protection and justice for children.

In *Washington State*, our bill is moving through the Senate and House. Please take a few minutes to watch the very moving testimony of a brave PROTECT campaigner, Alicia Kozakiewicz. Alicia “speaks truth to power” when she tells lawmakers they have an important choice to make:

[ ]

Stay tuned for news on our campaigns in the Carolinas, New Mexico and Kentucky.

*Please Chip In*

None of this would be possible without the generous support of so many individual donors, foundations and companies!

PROTECT depends 100% on the donations of people like you. If you like the work we’re doing, *please consider donating [ ]*. You can chip in online (or get our mailing address) right here [ ].

“- The Staff and Volunteers at PROTECT”


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