2014-09-13[perhaps structure]

soeben herrndorf gelesen. mittelmäßig getriggert.

some maybe medi-structured thoughts:

1. private
beer on a regular basis. today/tomorrow eggs. perspective in the next months: two possible jobs.

2. work
boredom. some comp&print-work. reliable.

3. official
next judge-meeting in spring 016. rf once a month. doc 6/year.

4. public
bus&supermarket. net-stuff. yin&yang-shoes. exposed to hate and defiance. wwjd, wwmd….. and then the flashes…..

5. secret
suicide blues is like masturbation (leaving trains, sleeping underwater survivor) the butterfly and the knife. no gel. hair. shoes. to be found between the lines. taking the fucking meds.
that was that. music&tv. smoke. hope. trains&bikes. moe tucker. neapolitan mastiff. no weapons, no drugs. dead mice. the truth. stumble&stutter. the good book. people. writing. work&traces. sf. school. just thoughts…….


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