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The second wave of the H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps is on its way!

Last week, a team of America’s most highly trained warriors gathered with PROTECT in Texas to prepare for the greatest mission of their careers: rescuing children from abuse and exploitation.

“We are going from a war on terrorism to the war on evil,” said new HERO Glenn Devitt, a hardened veteran of Army special operations counterintelligence. “We’ll find, fix and finish them.” (Watch Fox Houston’s interview with Devitt here).

The HEROs–recruited for the HERO Corps by the U.S. Special Operations Command Care Coalition–are in Houston, Texas for their first three weeks of counter-child-exploitation training, conducted by PROTECT’s Weiss Child Rescue Technology Center. They’ll move from here to Washington, DC for intensive training in digital forensics, then out into the field where they’ll work side-by-side with agents at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Week One’s training focused on child abuse and protection, from the neuroscience of trauma to the workings of the child protection system. It was an ideal learning lab here at the Houston Children’s Assessment Center, a world-class facility where child abuse investigators, police, prosecutors, medical professionals, social workers, and therapists come together to respond to child abuse. We cannot thank our hosts—both the CAC and the Houston Metro ICAC task force—enough for their generous welcome and support.

Federal prosecutor Michael Sullivan and HERO Corps class 2014.

Coming up in Week Two, HERO Corps training turns to the criminal justice system and counter-child-exploitation investigations.

Please watch and share our new video on the HERO Corps and learn more at Then spread the word to others. You can donate to PROTECT or the HERO Corps online, or contact us about supporting our veterans and service members as they embark on a one-year unpaid internship. Let’s help them help our children.

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P.S. Our HEROs will rescue thousands of children. See how here!


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