from survivor to transcender

startime 1467,5

and another cigarette for the frog. octopus thought silent to himself: what a hard road layed out for us survivors. if we make the way to transcender we could manage to transform the pain. former drug addicts as we are have a thousand traps layed out on every single day. we gathered in La Tertulia. okay, our trip will start here. we left the thai weed out and took some milkshakes. the bus was ordered. it would start in enger. one week was planned for the first step to france.


the windmill had stopped. fridge went outside alone. some serious mistakes were about to happen. we would start our journey soon.


will we have a watercloset on board in the bus ? asked the mole. octopus now was elected leader of the pack. but he thought we will make all decisions together. the bus would be painted in rainbow colours. we beamed to enger, without weed. perhaps in california… the dark shadow went in auto mode. bear was our first driver. so far for now, soon more. if octopus would manage the way from survivor to transcender, there would be a chance. we would be on our journey for several weeks. we would make the trip to california. and all the way home…


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