official media newsflash

2013-11-06, 20:00

1. Edward Snowden does not come to germany in the near future
2. argue about tax on regenerative energy forms
3. increase of CO2 in the atmosphere
4. strike in greece
5. US foreign minister Kerry in Israel
5.b) Avigdor Liebermann stays foreign minister in government Netanjahu
6. hints at poison death of Jassir Arafat through Polonium 210
7. democrat Bill de Blasio new mayor of New York
8. case Arctic Sunrise at International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
9. BGH sentence : walls must be white at move out
10. bingo ciphers : who cares ?
11. weather : south mild, north rain, storm at night, day : 10° to 18°
12. next news with Caren Miosga : energy, Arafat


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