Ed Kuepper and Mudhoney

Everytime I listen to these old songs my heart goes weird. We have lived our entire lifes in these cellars and bunkers. Without music, I would be gone. I have drunk several beers and smoked some tea. My trials and tribulations are not worth to be posted on the fucking internet, but nevertheless. Gary’ s surgery was success. We are Taksim and Sao Paolo, Bieletown and Enger, Madagaskar and Washington, Seattle and Munich, Turkey and China, Oldinghausen and Hiddenhausen, Russia and Lebanon, Beijing and Berlin, Amsterdam and Herford, Ede and Achim, U.S. and South Afrika, La Corse and Alaska, Bad Salzuflen, Bad Oeynhausen and Bad Salzdetfurt, Red and Black. Stand quiet and go requesting your rights for freedom, peace and democracy. Global village. Hallelujah !


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