Another Life

Revenge is like any other religion: There’ s always a lot more preaching than there is practicing. And most of the preaching is about what not to practice.
“Vengeance is mine” translates to: “It is not yours.” The karma-peddlers will tell you how doing nothing is doing the right thing, reciting “What goes around comes around” in that heavy-gravity tone reserved for the kind of ancient wisdom you always find in comic books.
Every TV “counselor”, every self-help expert, every latte-slurping guru…they all chant some version of the same mantra: “Revenge never solves anything.”
Their favorite psalm is Forgiveness. And their hymn books are always open to the same page.
Get it ? When you crawl away, you’ re not being a punk; you’ re just letting the cosmos handle your business. Whoever hurt you, they’ ll get theirs, don’ t worry. Just have a little faith.

Down here, we see it different. We don’ t count on karma. But you can count on this: hurt one of us, we’ re all coming for you.


Beginning of “Another Life” by Andrew H. Vachss


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